Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Even Dozen

The build up to today has been monumental. For weeks there has been a countdown. A list of everything that would follow...all designed to make me get misty eyed.

My son turns 12. This guy. My one and only baby.

Here are 12 things that make being 12 years old decidedly joyous for him and cause me to sniffle most of the day. These have been shared with me by a very knowledgeable source.

1) Only 365 days from becoming a teenager. Holy cripes!

2) He is now older than most of the kids in his class. Bragging rights rule.

3) The numbers go in order. Get it. 1-2. Yep, think of it as a 12-year-old boy. Ahhh, now it's awesome!

4) Kissing kiddie menus goodbye. It is practically a crime to order from one when you are already 12, even if you really, really, really want the mac and cheese.

5) You need more privacy. Sure, you've been walking in on your mom in the bathroom for the past 12 years, but now...everything...has...changed. Get it?

6) At 12 you are practically 13 so all of those movies that are rated PG-13 are completely within your reach. Or so I've been told, over and over and over.

7) Just three more years till drivers training. And, only four more years till the coveted license. If I start taking Xanax now, I should be good then. Right?

8) Being 12 is just so much better than being 11. It just sounds like you are ready for everything that a middle schooler would do. That's just the way it is.

9) Twelve year olds should really have their own phone. Not just any phone. An iPhone. Really. No, really. (This still hasn't happened in our house. Really. No really.)

10) When you are 12 your mom doesn't need to smooch on you any more. Unless you are scared. Or you get hurt and are bleeding all over and need an ambulance. But, otherwise, I should just kiss his dad. But, never in front of him.

11) Halfway to 24, when he'll be done with college and have his own place and his own dog. Living the dream, baby! I just pray that he's doing his own laundry at this point.

12) Even though you are 12, you can still hang out with your parents sometimes. If they are doing something cool. And, they don't do anything embarrassing. As if...

Happy birthday to you, Connor. I'll see what I can do to honor some of these elements. But, really, don't for a minute think I'm going to stop dancing at times that freak you out (like in the car...). And, when I see your precious face (I can hear you groaning, stop it!), I can't promise I won't still give you a little kiss. After all, I've only been a mom for 12 years, I'm still in training! God Bless You, Buddy.

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