Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Years of Fun and Commitment

I'm smack dab in the middle of coordinating the Ladies Tee Party Charity Golf Scramble right now. Its amazing how much time and effort this event requires (Seriously, why am I surprised every year and why do I set out to make it bigger, better, more amazing each year? My own fault for sure!). But, when I shake off my exhaustion and arrive at the golf course on the morning of the event each year, I'm always filled with such joy and pride.

It's pride in the team who works tirelessly by my side - whether for months in planning or for the day in serving those who play the event. It's pride in the participants who hire babysitters and take precious holidays from jobs to join us...and who show up with their purses open! It's pride in the aggregate of what we've accomplished for the Sleeping Angels Endowment and for the families whom we'll touch through our Gift of Grace when they lose their precious baby to stillbirth. And, it's pride in my community of West Michigan where more often than not small and large businesses alike say yes to supporting our Endowment and our event. They say yes to Grace.

Yep, I just made myself tear up!

Today, join me in reflecting on five years of fun and commitment to something bigger than one person. Celebrate the heart of philanthropy as seen through the lens of the Ladies Tee Party Charity Golf Scramble. Read my original post on the event...and smile at these snapshots from previous events. Then, join us...Friday, June 15, 2012 at Gracewil Golf Club in Grand Rapids. Be a player, be a volunteer, be a sponsor, be a part of our Gift of Grace through the Sleeping Angels Endowment. Thank you!

2008 -- The first year!

The first winners of the coveted tea pot trophies!

These lovely tea time ladies spurred on the idea of dressing in has become a crazy tradition at our event!


Its a bachelorette party...or at least they dressed for one!

Swinger Rick Penn serving mimosas for our Morning Tea Toast!

These Dr. Seuss fans were jumping for joy!

Cheers! LOL!

All smiles after winning one of the hole event tea cup trophies!

This really isn't your Grandma's Tea Party, ladies! Cheers!

Partners...Kat Schoenborn, the founder of the Sleeping Angels Endowment, and me, the creator of the Ladies Tee Party!

Wowzers...look at all of those volunteers! Love this crew!

One of the take home items in our legendary Swag Bags. Carried in all of the best golf bags in West Michigan!