Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking Back "Me Time"

There is a reason that I'm 15 pounds overweight. Same reason that I always get scolded at the dentist's office for not flossing enough. Same reason that I typically go through several hanging baskets each summer instead of keeping one alive throughout. Same reason that I use a jar of spaghetti sauce instead of making it from scratch.

Apparently I'm otherwise occupied during those precious 15 or 30 minutes that I should be dedicating to one of dozens of activities that are super simple if I just carve out the time for them.

Honestly, I'm going to freak out if I read one more helpful article about how it takes only 15 minutes a day to have great abs or how I can have better looking skin by investing only 10 minutes a day in a 3-step process that will restore my youthful, dewy looking complexion.

Every woman's publication editor on Earth is focused on telling me how to spend every single moment of my day so that I can carve out some "me time." After all, if I followed their timetable I too would be able to swish a toilet while brushing my teeth and giving myself a pedicure, all before spending quality time with my family over a wholesome breakfast that I selected at the farmer's market the day before. My son would probably have time to practice long division during breakfast while my husband and I bantered about all the news feeds we've just scanned on our mobile phones (can I hook that up in the shower?). 

You think I jest. And, yet, I mean it. STOP sucking my life away 15 minutes at a time! I don't want to be told how to be more efficient any more. Every single time saving tip I read just makes me feel terrible about my life. If the story or conversation starts with, "Gosh, if you just spent 15 minutes a day doing ...." be prepared for me to self-combust.

Whew. Thanks for letting me unload that pistol. This probably saved, Cathy, my dental hygienist from having to live through a major hissy fit at my next appointment. And, since I've now cleared the schedule from all those self-help requirements...I'm going to sit down on my porch and enjoy a glass of my favorite wine. I call that "me time" and I've earned all 15 minutes of it!